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These classes are split into two age groups for kids looking to take up Muay Thai. These classes are fun and functional, and juniors will learn the basics of Muay Thai at the same time as developing their hand-eye coordination, confidence and fitness.


For those members who are new to Muay Thai we offer beginner classes where you can learn the sport from scratch. You will learn the basics; balance, footwork, attack and defence, utilising all 8 weapons of Muay Thai. Once you have mastered the basics you can move into the intermediate classes where we build upon these techniques and put them into sparring practice.



Regardless of age, if you are good enough and are committed to your training we encourage you to move up to our main class so you can develop your skils and progress further. This class is more intense and includes clinching, padwork, sparring, and bag work.

Strength & Conditioning


Strength classes are split in to Beginner and Fighter level classes so that the program is tailored to your skill level and supports what you are working on in your MuayThai training. A dedicated program that targets the muscles and movements that are key in MuayThai.