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MTGP February 2021

MTGP – February 27 2021


As the start of 2021 saw COVID-19 restrictions began to lift it was exciting to welcome interstate fighters back to Perth to fight on the MTGPAustralia stage.


The Main Event and WBC Super Middleweight International Title fight was a highly anticipated bout between Scotland’s George Mann and Australia’s David Pennimpede, and after 5 entertaining rounds George came away as the new WBC International Champion.


Two other WBC belts were contested for – with Tiffany Lam producing a masterclass against Sharayah-Lee Berecz, to come away with the Super Featherweight State title. A thrilling rematch between Leo Nguyen and Tim Mitchell, deemed worthy of Fight of the Night, saw Leo remain as the WBC Super Lightweight State Champion.


Other notable fights on the card include Bryony Soden getting another MTGP win over the experienced Shannon Peek and an exciting bloody battle between Riley Anastas and Chris Watt. Another incredible night of fights on the first Pro W.A show of the year, setting us up to look forward to another 3 MTGPAustralia events planned for the rest of 2021.



MTGP Feb 2021 Results:

Sha Wa Wah Ker Paw  (Lovett MuayThai) def Callum Bonnie (Samsingto) – UPD

Shay Woolmer (Fitness Fight Complex) def Amelia Elias (GTG) – UPD

Amie Jade Staniscia (GTG) def Mids Kendall (Legends Academy) – UPD

Tash Leslie (Wolves Den) def Angela Lunghitano (GTG) – UPD

Jayden Mills (SMG) def Jack Briggs (Monsters Inc) – UPD

Bryony Soden (Samsingto) def Shannon Peek (BFT) UPD

Leo Ngueyn (Pit) def Tim Mitchell (Legends Academy) – Split Draw

Nilson Laki (Monsters Inc) def John Morton (Morfit) – UPD

Jay Twomey (Legends Academy) def Brant Soden (Samsingto) – Split Decision

Stephen Kirk (GTG) def Doug Lloyd (Team Pinky) – Split Decision

Teerawat Hoysung (BFT) def Jason Tran (AMMA) – UPD

Eddy D’Uva (Riddlers) def Tomasso Aloe (GTG) – UPD

Damon Nelson (LANNA) def Jason Scott (Team Pinky) – KO

Tiffany Lam (GTG) def Sharayah-Lee Berecz (Sunset MT) – UPD

Riley Anastas (Riddlers) def Chris Watt (Legends Academy) – Split Decision

George Mann (Riddlers) def David Pennimpede (MuayU Canberra) – UPD

MTGP October 2020

MTGP – October 17 2020

The one and only MTGP event of 2020, in a W.A first, showcased 2 shows in one day; Road to MTGP and MTGP.

Junior and amateur fighters  produced an entertaining display of the up and coming talent that W.A has to offer, concluding with a thrilling Main Event with Mat Diesel of Bailey Fitness defeating Dave Flanagan of Kao Sok.

After a cancellation of the Main Event on the day, due to an injury that saw Max McVicker hospitalised, Chris Watt and George Mann stepped up to headline the Main Event card.

2 WBC title battles were hard fought for and won by Megan Berberick (WBC Featherweight State Champion) and Leo Nguyen (WBC Super Lightweight State Champion), alongside a host of exciting MuayThai bouts from our wealth of local talent.

Full results are below:

Road to MTGP:

Isabella Smartt (Fitness Fight Complex) def Alana Illarietti (Arena Martial Arts) – UPD

Callum Bonnie (Beastmasters) def Thai Vuletich (Aggressive MuayThai) – UPD

Kahn Wilson (BFT) def Carl Gorski (Monsters Inc) – UPD

Jack Doyle ( Diesel) def Cody Irvine (Aggressive MuayThai) – UPD

Gabriel Ronquillo (Westside) def Jack Currican (Beastmasters) – Split Decision

Adrian Skelly (Legends Academy) def Lachie Donaldson (GTG) – Split Decision

Ben Coleman (Riddlers) def Luke Fatin (Pichitchai) – UPD

Tash Leslie (Wolves Den) def Courtney Murray (Tetsuko) Split Decision

Jordon Fletcher (LANNA) def James Gifford (Riddlers) – Split Decision

Ashby Tink (Wolves Den) def Ronin Davies (Fighting Power) – TKO

Talia Basso Brusa (Riddlers) def Le Le Duong (Legends Academy) – Split Decision

Nathan Embleton (Aggressive MuayThai) def Jayden Mills (SMG) – UPD

Matt Diesel (BFT) def Dave Flanagan (Kao Sok) – TKO

MTGP Main Card:

Amie Jade Staniscia (GTG) def Celine Wislaug (Westside) – TKO

Jay Twomey (Legends Academy) def Caleb Leung (Pit) – UPD

Louis Abbott (GTG) def Marcus Walker (Pit) – TKO

Bryony Soden (Beastmasters) def Sim Sehmi (Riddlers) – UPD

Kaitlyn Vance (BFT) def Dani Bator (Riddlers – UPD

Jason Tran (AMMA) def Matthew Fernihough (LANNA) – TKO

Megan Berberick (Riddlers) def Shannon Peek (BFT) – UPD

Richard Simpson (GTG) def Morgan Rogerson (Pit) – UPD

Leo Nguyen (Pit) def Tim Mitchell (Legends Academy) – TKO

Tyler Hardcastle (Riddlers) def Damon Nelson (LANNA) – UPD

Marco Tentori (Pondy’s Gym) def Lukas Sayer (Diesel) – Split Decision

George Mann (Riddlers) def Chris Watt (Legends Academy)



Muay Thai Grand Prix - Austrailia

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