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Gav’s Thai Boxing Gym is a traditional style Muay Thai gym with a family feel, located South of the river, in Myaree.
Our style of Muay Thai is “Muay Fiemeu”. We teach Technical Muay Thai, utilising all 8 weapons of Muay Thai.

Message from Gav

A message from Gav, on how he came to know and love Muay Thai... "I stumbled across Muay Thai at the age of 15 when I was introduced to a local gym in my hometown of Leeds. I trained and fought under Michael Tobin; a former British and European Champion. Three UK gyms in Leeds, Manchester and Osset, were founded by Dean White under the name Nongkee Payhuth - producing 96 champions. Dean White was head coach at Osset and this is how I came to meet and train with James Carr (Shorty) who was a fighter, trainer and padman at Nongkee Payhuth – Osset. At the end of my fight career, I studied a Masters Degree in Engineering before emigrating to Perth, Australia. My passion for Muay Thai did not subside and after spending some time assisting fight teams I decided to open my gym in 2014. Going into our fifth operational year I am looking forward to building a New Generation of Muay Thai fighters in Perth, and promoting this beautiful sport".

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Muay Thai In 4 Steps

Training at Gav’s Thai Boxing Gym is based on the training style you would experience in Thailand.

Real: Muay Thai

Expect to capture a real feel for Muay Thai traditions at Gav’s Thai Boxing Gym.

All Aspects: Thai Boxing

We will teach you all aspects of Muay Thai including: pad work, clinching, sparring and conditioning.

Traditional:  Muay Fiemeu

We teach in the style of Muay Fiemeu, using technique and precision to combine all of the weapons of Muay Thai.

Most Effective: Skills

You will learn how to read an opponent in the ring and how to use your skills in the most effective combinations, to defeat your opponent.


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Gav's Thai Boxing Gym - 2/9 Malland St, Myaree WA 6154, Australia.